Here are my 5 tips for working with a product photographer. When you run a small business you will end up doing lots and lots of roles. My business is online based so photography is important. I tend to take the photos of my range myself. I quite enjoy the process of sourcing props, styling my products and then editing the photos. But there comes a time when you need a little help and need to outsource photography to a professional.

I am not doing a rebrand but I am giving my photos a new look. To be honest I blame Farrow & Ball! I redecorated my bedroom in moody pinks and just love the look.  My photos have previously been quite bright with flashes of colour, but I want to move to a more natural look. I am working with dried flowers, natural materials and of course pinks!

5 Tips for working with a product photographer

  1. Reach out to a photographer: Instagram is a fabulous way of finding photographers. Of course it would be as it’s a visual platform. Over the years on Instagram I have come across various photographers that work with small brands. Having followed when I first came across them, I had an idea of who I wanted to work with. A good photographer will be busy. Plan in advance and don’t be surprised if there is a waiting list or their slots are all booked for the next few months.
  2. Consider your look: Pinterest is a great tool to use here. I started a new board and started to pin all images, colour boards and styles that I like. If you are unsure how you want your images to be styled then this exercise will help you to home into what you like.
    5 Tips for working with a product photographer
  3. Share you vision: So hopefully by step three you have a photographer in mind and have opened up a dialogue with them. Invite them to collaborate on your Pinterest board to see if they feel that they can achieve your desired aesthetic.
  4. Confirm the props and what products you want to be photographed: Again a new Pinterest board is a simple way to show the photographer the products that you want them to work with. As I sell jewellery storage I tend to need jewellery for props so we will discuss what jewellery will be used.
  5. Prepare your parcel: Include your products, any props you are providing and a cover letter. Detail in the letter exactly what is being sent, including photos can help and detail your return address.