Here at Not a Jewellery box, we have a passion for jewellery. We understand that proper storage can help you keep earrings in pairs, and display all the options, not just the items you wore yesterday. Jewellery storage can be much more than a box, and can truly fit the style of your home and your collection, or be given as a thoughtful personalised gift.
We source and supply many different types of jewellery storage solutions, from hanging racks to trees, boxes, dishes and even books. There will be something to suit your needs, and the style of your room – we’re sure of that. Many of our items make lovely gifts, and we are happy to personalise, supplying a name or date on a hanging pendant or directly to the item, using vinyl lettering.
I’m Emma, and I run Not a Jewellery Box with my family. I have an extensive collection of jewellery, which is spread among different storage solutions, some of which I have designed myself. I have a broad range of pieces, from classic items that I hope to pass on to my daughter one day, to bold fashion statements that were chosen for a particular outfit. I’m sure my love of jewellery is inherited from my Grandma as I have fond memories of playing with her collection as a small child. She was particularly fond of bangles, and I used to wish my ears were pierced so I could try on her earrings as well. I really can’t help it, you see! I was born to play with jewellery for a living.
Emma Owner of Not a Jewellery Box