Here are my 5 top tips to help boost your productivity

  1. 2 minute method: I love good to do list. But sometimes the list of bullet points is just far too long. It can be stressful when your list is long. But not all tasks on the list are big jobs. Pop an * by each job that takes less that two minutes and work through those things first. It is immensely satisfying to cross things off and it gives you a little boost to keep on going.
  2. Aeroplane mode: Please tell me I am not the only one that was totally freaked out by the update from Apple, that shows you how long you spend on your phone each week! Yes it is an amazing bit of kit and one I couldn’t do without, but boy do they distract you. When I sit down at my desk for the first hour I put my phone into aeroplane mode so that I have no wifi should I pick it up and no notifications pinging through.
  3. Set your alarm 20 mins earlier in the morning: I started doing this during the peak Christmas time and it amazed me how much I got done or some days it was just nice to gear up for the day with a nice slow cup of coffee.
  4. Work in batch days: I have talked about batch days before and they really do work for me. They give structure to my week and have created a routine.
  5. Clear your workspace / declutter: Just looking at a messy workspace or desk can cause stress. It makes it hard to find what you need and slows you down. Make time at the end of the day to tidy up.

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