When the door sign range was first launched I thought they worked well on doors, well obviously. I also loved them as art on the wall and as part of a nice shelfie. Well you guys had some other ideas on how to use them and I must say they are pretty cool.

Door Signs as Birth Announcement Photos

Hasn’t the gender reveal and pregnancy announcement Door Sign as birth announcementgame been upped? I have seen so many creative ways of sharing the sex of a baby or an announcement of a little ones arrival. I think my favourite was a huge balloon that popped and out came both pink and blue confetti as the couple were expecting twins! When it comes to sharing the name my door signs work really well for social media photos.

Door Signs for #shelfies

I discovered the #shelfie a couple of years ago now. Its a cute way of showing off a collection of items.  Nestled within these photos are the sloth door sign, the ballet dancer door sign and the cloud door sign. Did you know I have over 30 different designs! I think the octopus is still my favourite.

Door Sign as Shelfie

Door Signs as flatlay props

Everyone loves a flatly! As a true Instagram addict I love a nice flatlay.  Our door signs tend to be around 15cm tall or 15cm wide (depending on the design) so they fit well within flatlays. They work great alongside an outfit of the day.  Door Sign Flatlays

I have been running a series of flay lays to showcase the range on Instagram for a while now and love using other small brands products too.

Door Signs as above a bed

How gorgeous is this wooden bed? Wouldn’t these signs work well in a shared bedroom?  Featured here is the Princess Door Sign and the Dinosaur Door Sign.

           Door Sign above bed     door sign - toy box, teepee, wall art

Door Sign as art

When I take a scroll through Instagram gorgeous prints and artwork always catch my eye. I love a good feature wall with lots and lots of different prints all working together.  It works really well when the textures of the wall are mixed up, so some prints are framed, some are on canvas, throw in a wall hanging or hey, why not a door sign! The signs are all light enough to be fixed with blu tac or something similar.

Door Sign on a Teepee

This is my favourite and totally blew me away! Doesn’t Theodor’s Train Door sign work well above his teepees door.  Now why didn’t I think of that!

Door Sign on Toy Boxes

Most of the Door Signs can be personalised by you and we have made some classics.  The Mexican Brothel on a Llama Door Sign always left me wondering??? I chatted with a customer once who orders a star that read The Diamond Room. I thought it was a business name but turns out her little boy thought the Dining Room was the Diamond Room. If only!

Door Sign Feeling inspired?  Customers can buy the full range here. Prices start from £8 and can be posted all over the world.

I have mentioned Instagram a few times in this post, if you want to get inspired and see what my customers do with their door signs then take a look here