A Little Update

Hello, hello, it’s so long since I’ve added a blog post. Ironically I have more time free than ever before but have wholeheartedly managed to avoid doing much work. Let’s clarify that the “must do’s” are all getting done but the extra bits, like writing blogs have slipped so far off my radar that it’s been a whole lot of effort to start this. 

I am loving my life right now, my children are teenagers now and they need so much less from me and it’s taken me a while to adapt to free time this has given me. Back in the midst of the summer holidays I legit didn’t  see either of them till the afternoon! 

Camping fun at Henrys in Cornwall

Since the beginning of the new year it has been a bit boring running Not a Jewellery Box. There isn’t much newness around with my suppliers and I really enjoy new designs, taking photos and sharing something fresh. I have designed a few new additions for the earring holder range, ones a bit cheeky but I love it. 

Over the past 24 mths I had made some changes personally I am now a minimalist (well almost) I eat a whole food plant based diet (again with the almost) and I am back in the gym lifting weights. 

Christmas is fast approaching and it won’t be long until the overwhelm takes over. Usually Christmas buying starts once the kids go back to school but this year I feel like it started right back in February. There was so much press about lack of availability and issues with importing. 

Now as I finish writing this there are queues at the petrol pumps and sparse shelves in the supermarket. If ever there was a year to get started on Christmas shopping 2021 is it… mind you I think I said that last year. 

So please have a little look around see if anything catches your eye. It’s time to start dropping those hints.