How to Display Earrings and Jewellery at Christmas Markets

I LOVE a Christmas market, especially when it is full of small indie shops selling their handmade jewellery and earrings.

Thew trick to a successful event is all in the preparation! Obviously sales is what it is all about, but believe me, a simple set up process gets the day off to a good start!


Now one of the luxury's of selling jewellery is that it tends to be small and pretty light to transport but it has to be one of the hardest products to display.  

We have a few products in our range that have been specifically designed to display earrings. 

First up are these set of three earring display stands. They are flat pack - making that all important set up super easy, they create height on your stand and work really well when grouped together. 

They simply slot together

Here is Tanya of TLK Jewellery's display at the Contemporary Craft Festival 2022, she decided to paint her stands to match her brand colours, 

Now here's the best bit... So events and markets might only make up a small amount of your trade each year but I bet you sell online! Well use these stands to take your product photos.  

Now if you have a fair few earring designs in your collection then one of larger earring hangers might be more useful. Here is a beautiful collection by @lovethatclay. 

These can be hung or set up as a stand

Some other top tips

When its colder a hot water bottle is a treat!

Make sure you give customers a way to find you after the event! I had the best brownies of my life at an event in the Summer! Can I find them again.  NOPE

Most of all enjoy the day, meet new people and share your lovely makes!