How to organise your week by a creative small business

I am a big believer in structure and planning so here is my take on how to organise your week. No matter who you are we ALL have just 24 hours in our day.  If like me you like to sleep for at least 8 of those hours that leaves just 16 hours to do things.

16 hours, that’s just 960 minutes.  Sounds like quite a lot doesn’t it, so how come sometimes it is so hard to get everything done.Mini Ring Dish - Signature Collection

Recently I listended to a podcast by Lola Hoad and she introduced me to Batch Days. As a selfemployed person I do lots of roles and flit from role to role over the course of the day.  Sometimes this is just how it has to be but Lola got me thinking about how I could structure my week.

So I sat down with pen and paper (you just cant beat a nice note pad can you) and planned my week.

Lola likes to get her worse jobs done first.  Her bookkeeping, whilst I think that’s a cool approach I just couldn’t face that on a Monday morning!

Monday – Email & order admin, order work (personalisaton, packing etc) and Stock Management.

Tuesday – Email admin. Then a mix of, taking and editing photos. Or listing new items for sale.

Wednesday – Email & order admin, order work, then I work on my content writing. I plan social media posts and one week write my blog and the following writing my newsletter.

Thursday – Email admin and bookkeeping. Thursday afternoon tends to be my afternoon off! Yay!

Friday – Order admin, order work, then I try to get creative and design new products or do some making in front of Netflix.

As a big list writer, each day ends with me mind dumping my to do list onto my phone or my weekly planner.


I fully expect this to all go out of the window come late November. My plan is to have all of my blogs and newsletters ready to post come the end of October.

I wont be developing any new products and therefore wont have any photos to take or new products to list. My Planoly will be full of photos ready to post and hopefully I have made up enough stock during the summer to get me through. Thurday afternoons off become a no no,

Wish me luck with that last paragraph :0)

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