Jewellery Cleaning Guide

Sound ridiculous to say considering the country is knee deep in snow right now but today is actually ‘supposed’ to be the first day of spring. Yep… we made that face too. Anyway, with the start of Spring and knowing the Easter Bunny will soon be on his way we thought we’d give you a few handy hints and tips to clean and keep your jewellery looking tip top

  1. Whether they’re real or not, Pearls need to be handled with care due to them being a porous product. They can easily lose their natural shine over time but a great way to bring them back to life is to use a small paintbrush dipped into a mixture of warm water and a few drops of baby shampoo, gently cleanse each pearl before wiping them dry with a soft lint-free cloth. The shampoo will be enough to break down any grime but polishing them after will remove any moisture meaning they’ll go from dull to almost new in seconds.
  1. Passed down through many generations all thanks to our Grandmas, Baking Soda is a well known super-product when it comes to cleaning. If you have any plain silver or white gold bands, concoct a potion of baking soda and enough water to create a thick paste. Use this to gently rub away any built up tarnish before rinsing, ideally with a bit of vinegar, and buffing dry.
  1. A rather strange one but fun all the same, to get your gold back to its sparkling former glory is to pour a little beer into a soft cloth and rub it gently all over the piece until it comes up perfectly shiny.
  1. If you have a slightly dull looking pair of diamond earrings, necklaces or rings, drop them into glass full of denture cleaning solution (using a denture table dissolved) and let it sit for a few minutes. Once you’ve drained away the water simply buff the piece dry to reveal your diamonds sparkling like new.
  1. Window cleaner is another household product which is fab for cleaning jewellery. Just squirt and use a cloth for the metal or a clean toothbrush to get in and around diamonds or stones. Just make sure you don’t this method on soft porous stones such as opal and turquoise.
  1. A very simple personal favourite is to simply sit my white gold and silver rings in an eggcup with washing up liquid for a couple hours. Then I just rinse it all off under the tap and buff clean and dry. They come up like new every time!
  1. Last but probably most important of all…. DO NOT clean your jewellery directly over a sink! I have lost count of how many times I’ve been scrubbing the backs of earrings for them to end up falling down the sink. Same goes for putting jewellery in, just find a mirror elsewhere to pop them in.

So hopefully these tips will be of some use to you during this period of spring cleaning!

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