Small Brands working together can be a powerful thing. Since launching NAJB Kids as a side hustle to Not a Jewellery Box I have been immersed in a world of beautifully dressed babies and nursery interiors that are quite simply stunning.

When I had Keeley in 2005 I had a choice of Mothercare or Mama & Papas! Now there is a huge array of small brands making gorgeous items. I suppose other brands were around but Social Media wasn’t as big then so it wasn’t easy to find them.

I love creating photographs for the websites I sell on and for Social Media. As I said my daughter is 13 and my son Logan is 10 so we are way beyond the baby stage and I don’t have lots of cute things lying around the house.  Que getting pro-active.

It turns out that if you have built relationships with other creatives and small brands they are more than happy to let you borrow some items for photos!

What a win win, you are promoting other small brands, if they like the photos they then share and promote you.  You can also take it a step further and run a marketing push by doing a giveaway.

Here are some photos I have taken lately

Processed with VSCO with al1 preset

Small Brands Working Together

Small Brands Working Together

Small Brands Working Together

The art work is provided by @munksandme

The pink sheepskin booties by @sheepers

The cat garland from @craftywillowuk

Flamingo Taggie by @cloudscalico

I highly recommend being a bit brave and asking to borrow things. Working together is a wonderful thing, you makes new friends and it saves money.

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