Disclaimer! I am not a trained photographer… I don’t know the technical terms and I am winging it.

      So why should you take your own photos?

  • It speeds everything up, you can have a product live quickly
  • Its cost effective
  • You can develop your own style
  • The more images you have the easier you will find social media and creating content like blogs.

    What I use

    Canon D3200

    2 x Studio Soft Lights  1 x LED Light Ring

    Banana Tripod

    Lots of A1 card for backgounds

    Photoboards for backgrounds

    Living in the UK I often have to use studio lights although I prefer natural daylight some days there just isn’t very much.  I have a big proper tripod but never use it! Simply because I don’t have enough room and find it easier to use the camera in my hands.  I am a big fan of the auto setting on my camera for close ups I macro and portrait if I want the back ground a little blurred.


    All of my photos are edited. They are simply crap until I work a little editing magic.  I am an Apple girl so I use Iphoto.  My editing process goes like this.

    1. Crop out anything that shouldn’t be there.
    2. Straighten the image, a wonky table top never looks good.
    3. Lighten the image.

That’s about it.  I name all my images and upload them to dropbox. This makes it easy for me to grab the photo if I want to use it for a social media post.

These are some of my top tips.

    • Take the photo straight on rather than looking down.
    • Be aware of angles when taking the photo, the tiniest of steps to the left or right meant that I didn’t see one of the legs at the back of the table.
    • Have some blu tac to hand, I often blue tac things down or use it to level things like for example the watermelon.
    • Build up a basket of props that work with your products.I know my photos are not perfect and I am sure I will continue to learn.