This month I have been getting all Tribal, I signed up to Tailwind last year and started to use it for scheduling to Pinterest. It was really only this year that I started to explore the other features that Tailwind has to offer.

I absolutely L O V E Pinterest.  For many reasons, it is my goto for inspiration whether I want to organise the kitchen cupboard or I am planning my next colour theme for my photos.

Perhaps my favourite thing about Pinterest is its authenticity. It isn’t about how many followers you have or being immersed in the “Show Reel” of other people’s lives. Which no matter how realistic you are it can sometimes leave you feeling a bit down.

Tailwind Tribe Setting up my first tribe by Not a Jewellery Box

I am not ashamed to admit that no matter how many times I remind myself that my number of followers on Instagram doesn’t matter I would like the number to be higher. Yes on Pinterest you want your content to be seen and re pinned but somehow it just feels like a nicer place to hang out. I suppose I am not always a social person and Pinterest is more of a search engine than a social platform and that is why I like it.

Pinterest is great for a small brand like Not a Jewellery Box.  I can make boards of my favourite things and also share my product range. Pinterest are very open about what they like, and they like your boards to be a mix of your products and related things. It is also an incredibly seasonal site.

Tailwind Tribe Setting up my first tribe by Not a Jewellery Box

If you have read my previous blog posts you will know that I work in Batch Days, so Friday is my social content day (it works well with a sofa and Netflix afternoon). Tailwind allows me to upload content and schedule my pins.  I tend to do a week or so at a time and will do more in October so that I don’t have to think about it during my peak trading periods in November and December.

Now it is very quick for me to share my own content, be it a blog post or a product photo, I found it time consuming to mix in content from others into my schedule.   This is where the Tribes come in. You can search for key words that suit your business and then join the tribe.  The rules vary from tribe to tribe but they all tend to be very simple. The rule of thumb is that for every pin you add to the board (so that others might share) you must pin someone else’s pin that they have already added. Fairness is key.

Tribe (Now Communities) Categories

If you are reading this and are a fellow NOTH seller then come and join the tribe

Joining different Tailwind tribes

I joined 4 tribes, each account can join 5 tribes for free. You can super boost and join more as a paid for add on. One was a BIG tribe of creatives, one was for Etsy sellers and two were Nursery orientated. The nursery ones would work well with my NAJB Kids range.

At first I thought the big account 1.6k members would be awesome but I found that the content is not all that relevant to me and not my vibe. This was the same with the Etsy one, the variety of what was being shared to the tribe was huge. I am not the most patient person, I struggled to find pins that fitted my boards.

The nursery tribe is great, as it is quite niche I can always find something to share and schedule. There is 236 members.  I have a fair few boards that are dedicated to nursery themes and children’s spaces

My Tailwind Tribe

So having dabbled in tribes it was time to set my own tribe up. I sell on Not on the Highstreet (NOTH) and am part of a Facebook page. This is a community support page where the partners help each other.  I decided to set up a NOTH partner tribe (this is in no way associated with NOTH other than the members of the tribe having a storefront on the site).  Having access to this community of people has helped me get my tribe started.  There are 26 members so far and it is working really well. The quality of the photos is great as we are all used to having professional looking photos for NOTH..

The tribe isn’t that niche as we all sell various products.  So I have created some new boards such as gifts for mum and a christening board.  I can mix my products in with other lovely things.

So my advice is go for it, set up your own tribe and work with others to share and promote each other. It has definitely helped being part of a community to get the tribe up and running. I was able to invite people via the Facebook group. You can also invite people by messaging accounts that you follow.

I haven’t gone into the technical ‘how to do things’ in this post. Tailwind has lots of walk throughs to help you get started.  There are also tutorials, videos and a chat facility.

If you are reading this and are a fellow NOTH seller then come and join the tribe.  copy and

Happy Pinning